Legal Services for Greeks who live Abroad

Since 2010 until today, more than 600,000 Greeks have emigrated abroad. For lot’s of these fellow citizens, issues arise back in Greece, and most of time is difficult for them to handle them remotely.

Most frequent cases concern the management of real estate, rental agreements, disputed with tenants, inheritance issues and collection of relevant documents, registration of  their children over the Greek municipal register Office, actions over  the Tax Office, issues with Greek Military, translations and validations etc.

Our office, with many years of experience on the above issues, undertakes the representation of Greek people, who live Abroad and Expatriates, concerning their legal cases that occur in Greece.

Most often, we provide the following legal services to Greek people who stay Abroad:

  • Representation before the Greek Courts.
  • Representation before Administrative Authorities (such us : Tax Authorities, Ministries, Insurance Funds, Land Registries, Independent Authorities, etc.).
  • Real estate management (communication with tenants, collection of rents, drafting of rental agreements, drafting payment orders concerning the rents ect).
  • Arrangements of tax cases (processing of tax residence certificate, arrangements, filing of appeals, etc.).
  • Settlement of inheritance cases (acceptances and rejections of inheritances, parental benefits, search for real estate and deposits in Greece).
  • Family law issues.
  • Official translations of foreign language documents.
  • Process of issuing the Apostille.
  • Declare foreign court decisions (concerning for example divorce, name change ect) enforceable in Greece.
  • Resolution of Military issues.

Our law office, in collaboration with a team of experienced associates (notaries, accountants and engineers ect), responds to your  needs of and offers a wide range of legal and consulting services, that always meet your needs.

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Why choose us?

Why choose us?


Highly scientific training, expertise and experience.


Responsibly studied legal solutions specific to your case.


Personal and direct contact with you without impersonal relationships.


Commitment and attention with a clear plan and strategy.


We work with experienced professionals in other specialties (notaries, accountants and engineers) for your complete support in any case.

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