With one “click” will be completed over the tax office the procedure for paying the taxes for the purchase.

The electronic platform of  tax offices through which the necessary documents for paying the taxes required for the purchase of a property in Greece will be submitted, will radically change the reality as we know it till now.

This process will significantly reduce the processing time over the tax offices, which is time consuming for the parties and the process of purchase a property.

The electronic submission of the necessary documents over the tax office will be optional until May 31 2021, while from June 1, 2021 it will become mandatory.

Taxpayers (buyers) will be able to complete the process over the tax office which is required in order to buy a property in Greece,  by following only a simple procedure through their computer. In fact, the Tax Office will approve the submission of the necessary documents  even within the same day! The procedure will require the Taxis codes of the seller, the buyer and the notary.

The Electronic procedure over the tax office will begin and end in six steps:

  1. The notary will prepare in digital form the file with all the necessary documents for the purchase of the property.
  2. Subsequently, she will apply the declaration for the taxes and she will calculate the amount that should be paid over the tax office for the purchase of the property.
  3. The declaration will be submitted electronically, as far as it has been firstly accepted by the parties (buyers, sellers). Specifically, the responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the submitted declaration and the calculated amount of taxes will burden exclusively the parties, who will accept the content the submitted documents. In case of exemption from the taxes due to the fact that the buyer will purchase a property for residential use, the buyer is solely responsible for submitting the relevant request over the Tax Office.
  4. The cross-checking and verification of the submitted data will be completed automatically by the electronic system.
  5. After the audit, the amount of taxes that should be paid will be confirmed and they will issue the necessary document for the payment.
  6. The buyer can pay the taxes required either through e-banking by credit or debit card.

Within the current year, the platform intends to add more services, based on which you will have the right to follow the above electronic procedure also for donations, inheritances, establishment of horizontal property ect.