The electronic identity of the building is an electronic file that records all the data for a building, an apartment, for the plot and any amendments from its construction. In more detail, it includes all the permits, all the plans, energy efficiency certificates, property titles, distributions of the apartment.

The Electronic Building Identity is the unified database, which incorporates all the necessary documents, data and plans for each property. From now on, only with its acquisition will  the settlement of the building  be considered completed.

In order to sell a property from now on, among the other necessary documents, you will also need to submit the electronic identity of the building over the notary for the transaction.

What does a electronic identity of the building includes?

The electronic file includes the following documents in digital format:

  • the building permit (with revisions of it, if any)
  • the plans that accompany the building permit
  • the Energy Performance certificate
  • the construction inspection certificate (if has been issued)
  • floor plans
  • the structural report

In case the building permit and the accompanying data are not found, then the certificate of loss must be submitted by the competent Building Authority.

With the Electronic Identity of the Building all necessary data and information of the real estate property are gathered in one certificate, and this has as a result:

  • To prevent the creation of new arbitraries.
  • To protect the citizens, as all the amendments are
  • Reduce the bureaucracy as every citizen-owner has digitally the “x-ray” of his property and he does not need to search every time the documents over the competent public authorities.
  • The State has easy access to the full record of the real estate property with all the important information.
  • To accelerate the investments, as with the digitized information, the time of investor’s investigation and examination is drastically shortened.

According to the relevant ministerial Decision of the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy (No. RIS / DESEDP / 7547/104 – Government Gazette Issue B ‘287 / 27.01.2021), the registration of the Electronic Building Identity will be mandatory from February 1, 2021, when the operation of the Electronic Building Identity Register will begin.

Alongside, there is a provision, the engineers’ certificates to be extended until March 31, 2021. Thus, if the engineer has made an autopsy until 31.1.2021, his certificate can be used for the purchase contract and there is no need to issue the electronic identity of the building.

However, due to COVID19, it was necessary to extend the validation of the engineer’s certifications till 30/06/2021. So, under the condition that the autopsy has been made during the period from 01/01/2021 to 31/01/2021, the certificate is valid till 30.6.2021.

In this way, engineers’ certificates for purchase contracts are valid till 30.6.2021 under the condition that the certificates were issued during the period from 01/01/2021 to 31/01/2021.