a) The buyer or his spouse or his underaged children should not have the ownership or usufruct or residence in another house or apartment, that totally meets the needs of a family residential property, concerning its surface, or should not have the right of full ownership of a building plot, where you can a built a house, which corresponds to the needs of a family residential property and is located in a municipal district, with a population of over 3,000 inhabitants.

It is considered that the house meets the needs of a family residential property, if the total net surface is or it is possible, according to the urban planning provisions to be built:

– 70 sq.m., increased by 20 sq.m. for each of the buyer’s first two children and 25 sq.m. for the third and subsequent children.

– Exceptionally, the needs of a buyer with a disability rate of at least 67% increases from 70 sq.m. till 90 sq.m.

b) The purchased plot or land on which the purchased house or apartment is located, must be buildable at the time of purchase, and within the approved plan of the municipality or community or within the settlement limits and the buyer and the seller should not be relationship or affinity.

c) The exemption is provided on the condition that the property will remain in the ownership of the buyer for at least five years.