The investors, who are holders of the Golden Visa, when they resale their property based on which they have obtained the Golden visa, they have to submit over the notary the certification of article 20 par.7 of law 4251/2014.

Thus, in case of sale of a property from a third country citizen, who is not a holder of Golden Visa, but he lives legally in Greece, before the notary is sufficient to submit a Responsible Declaration of Law 1599 / 1986, where he will verify and declare that he is not a holder of the Golden Visa. The same is required in case the resale takes place through a power of attorney.

Similarly, in the event of the sale of a property by a legal entity , the shares o of which are wholly owned by one person the investor who has the Golden Visa, the above applies mutatis mutandis to the holder of the Golden visa, who is the sole partner or shareholder of the above legal entity.

Also noteworthy, is the fact that, the notaries after the purchase contract, they should inform the Competent Service for Foreigners and Immigration, which has issued the Golden Visa in order to move on the necessary actions and come to a conclusion if the third party citizen still meets the conditions of the law in order to remain a Golden Visa holder or not.